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Adam Hansen, degree-qualified massage therapist and wellness coach in Scarborough, Perth.

Good health and wellbeing has been a life-long passion for me, I really enjoy helping people to live happier and healthier lives.

I am happy to help you in many other areas of your health and wellbeing, as I am a qualified Naturopath, Personal trainer, Massage therapist, and Counsellor (NLP). Find out more by Clicking here

If I’m not at work, you will most likely find me at the beach as I’m a keen, Surfer, Kite boarder, SUP paddler and Wake boarder. I’m always up for a chat about travelling, cooking, music and dogs as these are the other loves of my life.

My knowledge and skill’s have come from studying a wide range of modalities. I have a bachelor degree in Health science, an advanced diploma of Naturopathy, a certificate III & IV in Fitness, a certificate IV in Massage therapy.

I am also a master NLP practitioner, Reflexologist,  VLA (Body composition) practitioner, an Emmett technique practitioner and Level II Reiki practitioner.

I am passionate about helping people transform their lives, this is why I have studied so many different modalities of treatments. All of these different modalities that I’ve studied help to build a 3 dimensional view of my clients, so I can best ascertain where some of the issues are really coming from.

I like to treat the cause not just the symptom.

The following testimonial really highlights what I love to do:


Two and a half years ago, I dislocated my shoulder during a surfing lesson in Bali, which left me with a neck and trapezius injury that has caused me severe and persistant pain.

Thinking that medical intervention would solve my problems, I tried a range of treatments such as manipulation, medication, steroid and medial branch block injections, which only exacerbated my pain and left me feeling very despondant, especially when I was told by a pain specialist there was nothing else that could be done.

I was at the end of my tether when a friend recommended I should try alternative treatments such as reflexology, naturopathy and massage. At this stage I was open to anything as I was determined to get on top of the pain that was affecting my whole life.

Adam Hansen’s holistic approach to my injury and pain has been a lifesaver. This has not been an overnight miracle, the healing journey involved an exploration over a number of months using a range of complimentary treatments to work through the multi-layered problems requiring massage, detox, exercises and herbal medications.

What stays with me is Adam’s ability to connect to me as a person. I felt I was the centre of his holistic solutions-focused approach. Without sounding too new age, Adam has the ability to link remedial therapies with the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing domains.

For me Adam offers the unique experience of being able to decipher the root cause of the pain and peel it away, layer by layer-just what every aching body and soul needs.

Suzzie, 37


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