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I would highly recommend Adam’s therapeutic massage for busy professionals looking for increased well-being and stress- relief. Not only is Adam friendly and professional but he also has vast anatomical knowledge and great technical massage skills.

For me, this has meant that my neck and shoulder tension was effectively treated, with remarkable improvement in my symptoms in just a few sessions. The massage results are long lasting and I have now incorporated therapeutic massage as part of my own preventative care routine, so that I can happily care for my patients, without feeling the effects of long working hours and computer work so much. Thank you, Adam.

Dr JS,

GP Registrar


Two years ago I severely injured my right psoas major and iliacus in a cycling incident.

After several months of intense physio work the muscles had healed but remained very prone to re-injury. After several cycles of re-injury and repeat physio, the next step seemed to be strengthening the specific muscles and a general whole-of-body strengthening program to support them.

Adam took a three-pronged approach:

  • Remedial: providing general and targeted massage, using the Emmett technique, applying light pressure to specific receptors to release muscle tension
  • Mental: The pain associated with the initial injury was extreme. The memory of the pain, and the fear of its return when I re-injured these muscles, was preventing me from pushing beyond what I thought was ‘safe’. In one 15-minute session, Adam used a Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique to help me re-write the memory of the pain associated with the event. The effect was immediate; initially, although I still recalled the event from time to time I no longer felt the fear. After about two weeks, I no longer recalled the event; I had stopped thinking about it altogether. This one session was the key to progressing physically.
  • Progressive: A focused program of strengthening the injured muscles plus gently increasing, strengthening program to ensure a supporting, whole-of-body balance

In addition to the work specifically aimed at my injury, the full body work-out has also resulted in a major improvement in muscular strength which had plummeted post-menopause and includes substantial improvement in balance and poise.

Adam also undertook a review of my general health and discovered a low level of magnesium was causing very poor sleep. I had been an insomniac all my life. Correcting my magnesium levels has resulted in a regular sleep pattern and a good night’s sleep.

As a footnote: Adam is supervising my training so I can cycle three stages (13, 14 and 15) of the 2015 Tour de France. This has been an extensive and very positive journey in just 12 months.


Age 60, retired Landscape designer and writer


Two and a half years ago, I dislocated my shoulder during a surfing lesson in Bali, which me with a neck and trapezius injury that has caused me severe and persistant pain.

Thinking that medical intervention would solve my problems, I tried a range of treatments such as manipulation, medication, steroid and medial branch block injections, which only exacerbated my pain and left me feeling very despondant, especially when I was told by a pain specialist there was nothing else that could be done.

I was at the end of my tether when a friend recommended I should try alternative treatments such as reflexology, naturopathy and massage. At this stage I was open to anything as I was determined to get on top of the pain that was affecting my whole life.

Adam Hansen’s holistic approach to my injury and pain has been a lifesaver. This has not been an overnight miracle, the healing journey involved an exploration over a number of months using a range of complimentary treatments to work through the multi-layered problems requiring massage, detox, exercises and herbal medications.

What stays with me is Adam’s ability to connect to me as a person. I felt I was the centre of his holistic solutions-focused approach. Without sounding too new age, Adam has the ability to link remedial therapies with the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing domains.

For me Adam offers the unique experience of being able to decipher the root cause of the pain and peel it away, layer by layer-just what every aching body and soul needs.

Suzzie, 37



Adam is amazing and very knowledgeable. He uses multiple techniques to release tension so that you walk out floating. Definitely got rid of my re-occurring knots in my shoulder and released all hip tightness.

Jade, 28



What an amazing experience !!! I have been to see Adam for years due to my ongoing lower back issues and I couldn’t recommend him enough.He slowly help me get back to 100%. I am now back surfing and enjoying life to the best !!! I highly recommend him.

Aladin, 30



Adam did a great deep tissue massage on my shoulder which has been giving me a lot of problems. Felt great afterwards and still feeling great a week later. Highly recommend Adam’s professional service. Adam has a wealth of knowledge and definitely worth a visit!

Daniel, 27


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