More about Emmett Technique

Known as the ‘Chameleon Approach to Body Therapy’,  Emmett technique therapy adapts to the client’s needs by assessing and providing specific treatment on an individual basis. 

The technique involves the application of light pressure at particular points and in sequences that enables the gentle physical release of muscle groups.

The treatment offers quick assessment for body corrections giving natural pain relief and can be done fully clothed . 

Emmett Technique provides safe, natural pain relief. The technique can help with neck pain and shoulder discomfort, back pain and hip pain, improve knee movement, reduce knee pain and ankle restrictions, improved body symmetry, balance and alignment, increase lung capacity and body flexibility and is a gentle release for Psoas dysfunction.

Important information: Having a Emmett technique treatment can be deeply relaxing and can sometimes leave you feeling a little spaced out and light headed. It is important to take your time before you drive after a treatment. Drink a lot of water and try not to have anything else booked for the day, apart from enjoying the relaxed feeling and healing benefits.

Here’s what Paula had to say about receiving Emmett technique:

Two years ago I severely injured my right psoas major and iliacus in a cycling incident.

After several months of intense physio work the muscles had healed but remained very prone to re-injury. After several cycles of re-injury and repeat physio, the next step seemed to be strengthening the specific muscles and a general whole-of-body strengthening program to support them.

Adam took a three-pronged approach providing general and targeted massage, using the Emmett technique, applying light pressure to specific receptors to release muscle tension, which greatly helped me to recover.